In the future, we are all sleepers.  Our existence has transcended into immortality as eternal dreamers inside massive Egg-shaped stasis chambers. Our planet lay dormant for thousands of years, surveyed only by the ai construct we left behind. 

After many loop cycles, the machines grew a god-like complex and started engineering a new breed of organics created in its image, known only as the Consumers. The first of these proved to have supernatural powers and could communicate telepathically with the dreamers. The Machines saw this as a threat to its control and quickly banished it deep underground to suppress its reach. Despite their efforts, we have retained contact with the entity, which we refer to as the Gatekeeper. As the years passed, machines slowly took sleepers offline, terminating their existence. The Gatekeeper took pity on our plight. 

Some of us were saved; others never made it.  
.. This is my story.

A 3d reimaging of the 2015 original title Daydreamer: Awakening.  The game is still in pre-alpha and is being targeted for PC and possible console releases. 

-Stay tuned