Demon Blaster is VR Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that can be interchangeably played with and without VR setup. Crossover functionality allows for players with only one headset to battle or co-op right at home.  Two teams fight against each other in fast-paced, tactical matches full of action and mayhem.  Like many MOBAs, maintains key principals such as three-lane routes, base cores, towers and hordes of NPCs. However, it simplifies the model by eliminating the leveling up and creeping aspect; and the obvious of being VR accessible. In fact, the game is built from the ground up with this mind, giving you the freedom to explore the world and interact with your surroundings.


The VR control setup mimics that of a convention first-person shooter with free Locomotion and also incorporates locked yaw rotation for easy turning.  Players can run, jump and shoot but can also utilize world objects with VR motion controls.


The game's style is greatly inspired by titles such as Psychonauts, dungeon keeper and Earthworm Jim, and invokes a surrealist humor edge and emphasizes on exaggerated animation principles such as squash and stretch and Overlapping Action.